Kodak APEX 70 System (w/ 30+40 cabinet, 2-7000 printer, 8810 printer, Workstation, Label printer, Print Calib. Scanner

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  • Kodak APEX 70 System (w/ 30+40 cabinet, 2-7000 printer, 8810 printer, Workstation, Label printer, Print Calib. Scanner
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Kodak APEX System

The ultimate modular and scale-able dry lab solution

Kodak Apex

The Kodak APEX (Adaptive Picture Exchange) system is a modular, scaleable, integrated solution that significantly increases profit potential for the on-site retail photo department, and delivers a low total cost of operation while enabling premium, high margin consumer photo products. The Kodak Apex is a powerful combination of flexibility and scalability, truly modular in design to adapt and grow to meet your needs. The Kodak Apex easily integrates with your current Kodak Picture Kiosks to let you offer the latest products.

The Kodak APEX system's printing system is a clean; Eco-friendly alternative to today’s wet AgX minilabs. And, as a salable dry lab platform, it offers retailers of all sizes a choice of system configurations and functionality to meet their store traffic volume requirements. Kodak APEX offers numerous benefits for retailers, the most significant being affordable cost of entry point and inexpensive cost of operation – both imperative in these challenging economic times. Specific system benefits include:

  • Low capital investment – complete Kodak APEX systems start at less than $22,000
  • Low cost of operation - Kodak Apex has low maintenance requirements, no costly chemicals and supplies, low space requirements for materials storage
  • Less labor and training - retailers can deploy employees to generate more sales vs. operating equipment
  • Energy efficiency - Kodak APEX consumes 70-90% less energy than today’s wet-labs
  • Reduced footprint - Kodak APEX saves retail floor space
  • Environmental conservation – Kodak Apex requires no chemicals, no water and significantly reduced materials requiring disposal
  • Proven technologies - utilizes fifth generation retail thermal printers, providing scalability and
    incredible reliability
  • Consumable SKU efficiency - Kodak Apex can produce 3 print sizes and 2 finishes from a single media SKU
  • Modularity/Scalability – Kodak APEX provides the right size solution for individual store needs

Low Cost Of Operation. High Selling Opportunities
Dramatically reduce costs and complexity. Invest what you need to match your growth plan.

  • Low capital investment — buy just what you need and scale at your own pace
  • Run virtually unattended while your clerks greet and up-sell customers
  • Software offers latest Kodak tested and proven consumer products
  • Fast startup and shutdown — Open for business in under 5 minutes
  • NO processing chemicals — no mixing, storing and special handling
  • NO lengthy, repetitive calibration processes.

Less Space, Less Maintenance
Optimize your selling space and your production. Reliable, 5th generation printing technology helps keep your service costs low.

  • Optimized SKUs — One 6R media SKU delivers two finishes and three print sizes
  • NO space required for calibration strips, filters, chemicals, densitometers
  • NO space required for dark loading of paper magazines
  • NO space required for chemical storage and disposal, water, sink, eye wash, silver recovery, etc.
  • NO lengthy, dirty or specialized maintenance procedures
  • Minimal service access — only front access required for operation
  • Low cost service contracts

Efficient And Easy
Maximize your productivity and effectiveness with our integrated total workflow solution.

  • Kodak APEX requires minimal training with intuitive, easy-to-use operator interface.
  • Kodak APEX is easily customizeable to your operations in just minutes
  • Simultaneously produce multiple orders and different product types
  • Order Summary Sheet option provides convenient product summary sheet for customer, ensures easy separation of orders

Greener Prints
APEX offers a responsible, energy efficient choice.

  • Kodak APEX reduces Green House Gas emissions due to reduced energy consumption
  • Kodak APEX requires no photo-processing chemicals
  • Kodak APEX has no energy required to maintain chemical processing conditions

High Productivity
Maximize production efficiency with fast order turnaround. Reduce labor costs with automatic print sorting.

  • Multiple orders are processed simultaneously
  • Multiple products are produced simultaneously (Small prints, large prints, KODAK Picture Movie DVD, Photo Books, etc.)
  • Multi-tray Print Sorters help manage prints from unique orders for up to 15x20 cm (6x8 in.) prints. Available on many models. Each tray holds up to 51 prints
  • 1-2-3 Printing Efficiency — One media SKU delivers two finishes (Satin and Gloss) and three sizes
  • Increased up time — change media up to 25% less often with new 1000 print capacity

Intelligent, Shared Image Processing
Intelligent processing maximizes profit potential by effectively managing the queue at KODAK Picture Kiosk Order Stations, making the most of your investment.

  • Intelligent management of image rendering and order fulfillment moves heavy processing tasks to the powerful KODAK Adaptive Picture Exchange Workstation. Frees up kiosks more quickly to engage the next consumer in queue
  • Extends the useful life of existing newer G3 and G4 order stations
KODAK Remote Business Manager Service
Manage and monitor your operations all from your desktop.
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Access
  • Software Downloads (Patches, Creative Content)
  • Reports (with RBM 2.0)
Off-site Central Lab Operation Fulfillment
Enable high margin gifting products with off-site fulfillment.(Future capabilities)
  • Route print production and gifting products (mugs, tee-shirts, etc.) to off-site central lab operation
  • Offer consumers additional service levels / price points