Kodak Edge Generations Paper

KODAK EDGE Generations Paper is an exceptional new color negative paper for making color prints from color negatives. Its advanced emulsion technology delivers enhanced color reproduction and superior image stability. Designed to work well in both optical and digital imaging systems, it is replacing KODAK EKTACOLOR EDGE 7 Paper, KODAK EKTACOLOR EDGE 8 Paper, and KODAK EKTACOLOR EDGE 9 Paper. This paper is available in a variety of sheet and roll sizes in E, F, and N surfaces. It is designed for processing in KODAK EKTACOLOR RA, KODAK EKTACOLOR PRIME, and KODAK EKTACOLOR PRIME LORR Chemicals for Process RA-4 or KODAK EKTACOLOR SM Chemicals for Process RA-2SM.

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