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State-of-the-art digital minilabs with a name that embodies our confidence in high definition and high resolution prints

Everyone has different photo needs.
To fulfill your needs for optimal quality, Noritsu bring you a system that boasts high resolution and high definition.As high-end digital cameras are becoming more prevalent, the expectations for prints are higher and more complex. Noritsu Koki knows that the only way to meet the individual print needs is to enhance the specifications of the printer. This is why we have improved the laser exposure system, resulting in higher resolution, higher quality prints. We bring you a system that provides the exact image quality you are aiming for, and covers a diverse range of needs. Come discover the awesome image potential of the amazing Noritsu QSS-37HD series.

A revolution in beauty

The pursuit of beauty may seem like chasing an intangible and unattainable dream. Photographic beauty is subject to the limitations of the camera and the photography techniques, and the criteria for labeling something beautiful also varies from person to person since beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, fulfilling Noritsu Koki’s mission of delivering beautiful photos to customers everywhere all the time is very dificult, to say the least. But the Noritsu QSS-37HD series has enabled us to take a giant step forward in this regard.

The laser engine, which is regarded as the heart of the printer, has been improved so as to attain an even higher level of quality. The user-friendly image processing operation and all the other special features of the Noritsu QSS-37HD work together to provide high quality photographs that satisfy all customers, regardless of their individual tastes.

High resolution enables high quality prints with sharp portrayal of fine details
It is resolution that is vital in producing realistic looking photos, as is the case with photographs that accurately portray the scene that the photographer views when he peers through his lens. Pursuing resolution is our mission here at Noritsu Koki, and it is an area we continue to
make rapid progress in. The Noritsu QSS-37HD series consists of minilabs that are worthy of the letters they bear - “HD” (for High Definition). With a name that embodies our confidence, we bring you the Noritsu QSS-37HD series and a new meaning to the word “high quality”.
An amazing resolution of 640 dpi (12 bits ).
This translates to 79 million pixels for an A3 size print Having a printer that produces prints of silver halide quality provides a big advantage for the photo retailer. For icing on the cake, the Noritsu QSS-37HD has a newly developed laser engine that has an unprecedented resolution of 640 dpi for both main scanning and sub scanning, and this results in prints with 5 times more pixels than prints made with previous minilabs. All these extra pixels result in finely detailed prints that have a dimension that is not available with other printers.

Raw image data processed automatically

Up to now, handling raw image data has been a troublesome affair. To solve this problem, Noritsu Koki has formed a technical cooperation agreement with Adobe Systems. According to this agreement, raw image conversion software is incorporated in the EZ Controller, and raw image files are converted to the DNG file format, and then the images are enhanced with Noritsu Koki’s “AccuSmart” image processing technology. Utilizing the technology made available in this agreement, Noritsu Koki developed a system that produces optimal prints automatically, undergoing the same basic process as when making prints from film images. This means you do not have to do anything special to print raw image data. These orders can be processed just like any other print order.

A large portion of the pixel data in the original JPEG image has highlight areas that are too light. When the image is corrected, the overall light in the image is reduced, but the pixels representing the highlight areas that were too
light are unsalvageable.

All gradations are used, producing an image that is balanced well. There are very few pixels with shadows that are too dark and highlights that are too light.

The Noritsu QSS-37HD series delivers high quality prints in a flash
Digital camera image data and image data scanned from film is easily corrected to produce beautiful photos that closely resemble what the photographer sees when he snaps the shutter. For example, Digital ICE and Digital Masking are used to automatically correct dust and scratches on film, and you can set values for insufficient peripheral light, color aberration, and distortion, and make unrestricted correction of lens aberration. With the Noritsu QSS-37HD series, it is easy to provide consistent quality without undergoing any complicated procedures.

A revolution in versatility

Photographs are a wonderful form of entertainment, Noritsu believes this with all their heart.
We see many people pick shots that are special to them and preserve them in ways that enrich their lives. Noritsu Koki cherishes such scenes, and they want to enhance the enjoyment of photographs through our machines. The QS S -37HD was developed under our certified product development syste m, which is constantly striving for improvement and is always aiming to develop versatile machines that go beyond the present market needs. We hope that you will take advantage of all that Noritsu machines have to offer, and use them to build an exciting shop. Doing so will fuel your customers’ interest in photographs, and this in turn will lead to customer growth and an increase in revenue.

Consumers can operate the CT-SL themselves and thereby gain a first-hand appreciation of the joy of making prints
Installing CT-SL digital media input terminals will not only enable your customers to discover the joy of selecting the photos they want to print, this also enhances efficiency by eliminating order-taking hassle for the employees. The CT-SL’s intuitive interface, easy-to-use GUI, and exciting templates make it fun and easy to use.

The EZ Controller (sold separately) is a powerful asset that improves efficiency
The EZ Controller takes care of everything from print order management to color correction of the individual images. It can be installed in networked computers, providing a flexible system in which image editing can be carried out efficiently with multiple computers.

Film scanners to meet the needs of film users
Noritsu Offers three different scanners to choose from, enabling you to provide a high-quality print solution to film users.

Scanning capacity (135F) using high spec PC

LS-600* (1002 x 1512 pixels) 600 frames/hr
LS-1100* (1002 x1512 pixels)
1,200 frames/hr
HS-1800 (1037 x 1565 pixels)
2,200 frames/hr

* 135/I x 240 only. No carrier required.

“Color Tone Selection” is a fun service that provides an alternative look
Nowadays, many people are looking for a way to give a creative look to their photos, and many customers want to choose the color tone for their photos. In addition to the basic color tone, it is also possible to choose other unique color tones with the Noritsu QSS-37HD, including “Vivid”, “Nostalgic”, and “High Key” which creates a pleasant scene with a pale color tone.

The Noritsu QSS-37HD series provides many ways for your customers to enjoy their photos, and it creates countless photo opportunities
We are now seeing a lot of variation in value-added photos and personalized photo products, thanks to the versatility of digital image data. You can make many different kinds of albums and many different kinds of prints in various sizes up to 12 x 36 inches.

Letting your customers know about the extensive variety of print services available at your shop is a great way to expand your business possibilities. This is sure to help you pull in new customers, and reinforce the customer base you already have. You can surprise your customers by offering new services they never thought possible, and the high-performance Noritsu QSS-37HD series provides the ideal environment for doing this.

A revolution in speed

Speed provides a big advantage in the photo business. Speed improves productivity and is tied directly to customer satisfaction and profitability. Being this as it may, Noritsu Koki’s stance is that it is in no way acceptable to sacrifice quality for speed. To this end, we have undertaken the next -to-impossible task of maintaining high precision while improving the processing capacity. We use synergy to incorporate excellent features into our lates thigh -quality high -speed printers, and we do our best to provide a smooth workflow. This is the main reason so many people around the world support us and our products.

Choose a capacity that meets your needs
It is an unmistakable fact that print capacity is the key to providing a smooth photo business, and Noritsu Koki has continually strived to provide higher capacities so retailers can meet a wide range of processing demands, including sudden orders for large print volumes. However, it is also true that required capacities vary with the business scale. Printing the quantity you need, when you need it. The fact that our minilabs answer those needs makes them versatile machines. The Noritsu QSS-37HD series has 5 different capacities to choose from. In addition to the choice of capacities, these printers allow for smooth high-speed processing during peak times as well as slower times, and the same consistent high quality photos are provided at all times.

Approximate prints/hr
Noritsu QSS-3701HD


Noritsu QSS-3702HD


Noritsu QSS-3703HD


Noritsu QSS-3704HD


Noritsu QSS-3705HD


Automatic functions
Auto daily setup
Daily setup is carried out automatically using the program timer. This reduces the prep time required before business hours, helping you to reduce labor fees and use your time more efficiently.
The colorimeter is built into the processor. During setup, the setup print is automatically fed into the colorimeter as it comes out of the dryer

Triple magazines / Quad magazines Factory Option
Replacing magazines every time you need to change print sizes can be a time-consuming task. But you can eliminate the need for frequent magazine changes by loading 3 magazines with the triple magazine system or even 4 magazines with the quad magazine system.

On-the-spot prints for a one-stop service

Keeping in line with current trends, many photo shops are placing more emphasis on speed for their print services. A standard Noritsu QSS-37HD printer provides ample speed as it is, but it is also possible to hasten the print speed even further. Installing CT input terminals will greatly enhance your digital input workflow, using the EZ Controller will provide an efficient print workflow, and “rapid processing chemicals” will bring a reduction in the processing cycle, while at the same time enabling easy and safe “one touch” replacement.

These three powerful tools enable an on-the-spot print service where the print orders are fulfilled in minutes. This means customers can come into your shop, place the order, and pick up the prints in the same visit. This ability is sure to help you attract new customers who have not printed at retail in the past due to personal time restraints.

Control Strip Auto Loading Unit Option
Constantly checking the conditions of the chemicals can be a troublesome affair, but the convenient Control Strip Auto Loading Unit makes this an easy task. All you have to do is set the control strip in the Auto Loading Holder Unit without a leader and set this unit in the processor. This enables the control strip to be processed automatically when processing begins.

Display module Option
The Display Module displays error messages and other vital information, and this enables you to confirm the condition of the printer, even if it is separated from the EZ Controller. This way you will be aware of the condition of the printer at all times, even when you are busy attending to customers, and this will enable you to quickly recognize and solve any problems that may arise.

A versatile network system that supports a variety of shop needs

Independent shops / Chain stores
Automation from input to output, which is beneficial for a small-scale staff.Orders input with the CT-SL are controlled with the EZ Controller. These images are printed after being corrected. You can support film users by connecting a scanner. With the ability to provide on-the-spot prints and other convenient services, Noritsu Koki provides an efficient workflow for small-scale shops.

Photo studios
Smooth operations for studios that rely heavily on image correction
Using a separately placed computer, it is possible to perform image editing in a separate area. If you install the Noritsu QSS Printer Driver software in the computer, you can make prints from all the applications you are used to using. This provides smooth operations for photo studios that perform a large amount of image correction.

Pro labs
Can process large volumes smoothly with a scalable network system
In addition to making prints, this flexible network system enables you to scan film and process the images on a computer, burn CDs, install the EZ Controller in multiple computers, and boost your productivity by configuring your network so particular orders are distributed to specified printers. If you construct your network to enable third party software to be used, you can connect the optional NetOrder Converter, which also makes it possible to support Internet orders. As you can see, it is possible to support diverse business styles when you use Noritsu equipment.


  Noritsu QSS-3701HD Noritsu QSS-3702HD Noritsu QSS-3703HD Noritsu QSS-3704HD Noritsu QSS-3705HD
Film types LS-600 / 1100, HS-1800 Color negative and positive, B&W negative
Film formats LS-600 / 1100 135F, 135H, 135P, 135FP, 135FPS, IX240
HS-1800 110, 135F, 135H, 135P, 135FP, 135FPS, IX240, 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9
input media*1
Option Microdrive, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, SD Card, MMC, RS-MMC, Mini SD Card,
Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro Duo,
xD-Picture Card, USB Flash Memory
output media*1
Standard HDD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM
Option DVD-R, Microdrive, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, SD Card, MMC, RS-MMC,
Mini SD Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo,
Memory Stick Pro Duo, xD-Picture Card, USB Flash Memory
Print sizes Paper width 82.5, 89, 102, 114, 117, 120, 127, 130, 152, 165, 178, 203, 210, 216, 240, 254, 279, 305 (mm)
Paper advance length Minimum: 82.5mm
Maximum: 457.2mm when the width is 82.5 to 120mm??914.4 when the width is 127 to 305mm
Exposure system Laser exposure system
Print resolution 640dpi x 640dpi
Film scanning method
(LS-600/1100, HS-1800)
Main scanning: Independent line exposure via 3 line CCD
Sub scanning: Film movement
Paper supply Dual magazine system (Standard) / Triple magazine system (Factory option) / Quad magazine system (Factory option)
Order classification 14 orders / 17 orders 8/14/17 order 4/17 order
Rated power capacity AC 200V 1P2W 5.0KVA (25A) AC200V 1P2W 6.1KVA (31A)
Scanner Weight
LS-600: ~ 16.7kg / LS-1100: ~ 17.5kg / HS-1800: ~ 18.6kg
Printer-Processor Weight
(Standard specification)
~ 539.4kg ~ 539.4kg ~ 546.4kg ~ 605.1kg ~ 570.7kg
  Noritsu QSS-3701HD Noritsu QSS-3702HD Noritsu QSS-3703HD Noritsu QSS-3704HD Noritsu QSS-3705HD
  Estimated processing capacity (prints/hr)*4 ( )represents capacity when using high-specification PC. High-spec PC used for QSS-3704HD/3705HD capacities.
135 negative film
( 24 exp.)
W127 x 89mm LS-600 ~ 600 Aprox. 600 ~ 600 ~ 600 ~ 600
LS-1100 ~ 900 ~ 1200 ~ 1200 ~ 1200
~ 1200
HS-1800 ~ 900 ~ 1310 ~1600 (~1650) ~ 2200
~ 2200
W152 x 102mm LS-600 ~ 600 ~ 600 ~ 600 ~ 600
~ 600
LS-1100 ~ 900 ~ 1180 ~ 1200 ~ 1200
~ 1200
HS-1800 ~ 900 ~ 1180 ~ 1480 ~ 2000 ~ 2000
W203 x 254mm LS-600 ~ 190 ~ 270 ~ 350 ~ 380 ~ 380
LS-1100 ~ 190 ~ 270 ~ 350 ~ 510 ~ 580
HS-1800 ~ 190 ~ 270 ~ 350 ~ 510 ~ 600
W305 x 457mm LS-600 ~ 110 ~130 (~160) ~130 (~200) ~ 220
~ 220
LS-1100 ~ 110 ~130 (~160) ~130 (~200) ~ 290
~ 290
HS-1800 ~ 110 ~150 (~160) ~150 (~200) ~ 240
~ 240
W127 x 89mm ~ 900 ~ 1310 ~ 1650 ~ 2250
~ 2560
W152 x 102mm ~ 900 ~ 1180 ~ 1480 ~ 2120
~ 2360
W203 x 254mm ~ 190 ~ 270 ~ 350
~ 510
~ 620
W305 x 457mm ~ 110 ~ 160 ~ 200
~ 290

~ 360
Digital camera

W127 x 89mm ~ 900 ~ 1310 ~ 1650
~ 2250

~ 2560
W152 x 102mm ~ 900 ~ 1180 ~ 1480 ~ 2120 ~ 2360
W203 x 254mm ~ 190 ~ 270 ~ 350 ~ 510 ~ 620
W305 x 457mm ~ 110 ~ 160 ~ 200 ~ 290 ~ 360
Digital camera
(6 megapixels)
W127 x 89mm ~ 900 ~ 1310 ~1500 (~1650)
~ 2000
~ 2000
W152 x 102mm ~ 900 ~ 1180 ~1400 (~1480)
~ 2000
~ 2000
W203 x 254mm ~ 190 ~ 270 ~ 350
~ 510
~ 620
W305 x 457mm ~ 110 ~ 160 ~ 200
~ 290
~ 360
  Noritsu QSS-3701HD Noritsu QSS-3702HD Noritsu QSS-3703HD Noritsu QSS-3704HD Noritsu QSS-3705HD

*1 Depends on the PC, card reader used. Indicates image formats supported when using the computer system supplied by Noritsu Koki.
*2 Using 512MB xD Picture Card. 2304 x 1728 pixels per image.
*3 Using 512MB xD Picture Card. 3024 x 2016 pixels per image.
*4 EZ Controller image output setting: 320 dpi / 8 bit.
Calculated according to our criteria. The actual capacity you achieve may be different.

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