SONY UP-DR150 Printer

This Item Has Been Discontinued


In the era of instant gratification, asking potential customers to wait around for digital prints is the old way of business. Sony’s UP-dr150 color printer is the new way. You’ll please more people more quickly with 5x7 prints in fifteen seconds or 6 x 8 in twenty seconds or 4 x 6 in just eight seconds. That can mean more revenue, higher productivity and greater customer satisfaction. Best of all, the UP-dr150 achieves its speed without sacrificing Print By Sony picture quality and durability. And your business keeps rolling with smooth roll printing; high capacity; and simple, front-load design. When uncommon quality meets unbelievable speed, it’s a whole new way to profit.

The Sony UP-dr150 Digital Photo Printer offers speed and quality photos. The Sony UP-dr150 produces high quality 4x6 size prints in approximately 8 seconds. The high speed, high volume, high capacity of the Sony UP-dr150 will meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Utilizing Sony's dye sublimation technology, this printer produces high quality borderless photo-quality prints using the "Print by Sony" media.

Features include:
  • High Speed Printing
  • Superb Print Quality
  • High Volume Printing
  • USB Interface
  • Front Operation and Auto-loading mechanism
  • PC Compatibility
  • Gray Balance Adjustment Capability
  • Real-Time Monitoring

This printer has been discontinued and no longer available

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