DNP has acquired Sony's commercial digital photo printer business

According to the agreement, Sony has transferred to DNP its worldwide business base related to the professional digital photo printers and DNP will be providing supplies of dye-sublimation print media for Sony's instant photo printers, kiosks and ID photo printers . DNP aims to continue strengthening and expanding its digital photo print business.

SONY UP-DR150 Printer

This Item Has Been Discontinued


In the era of instant gratification, asking potential customers to wait around for digital prints is the old way of business. Sony’s UP-dr150 color printer is the new way. You’ll please more people more quickly with 5x7 prints in fifteen seconds or 6 x 8 in twenty seconds or 4 x 6 in just eight seconds. That can mean more revenue, higher productivity and greater customer satisfaction. Best of all, the UP-dr150 achieves its speed without sacrificing Print By Sony picture quality and durability. And your business keeps rolling with smooth roll printing; high capacity; and simple, front-load design. When uncommon quality meets unbelievable speed, it’s a whole new way to profit.

The Sony UP-dr150 Digital Photo Printer offers speed and quality photos. The Sony UP-dr150 produces high quality 4x6 size prints in approximately 8 seconds. The high speed, high volume, high capacity of the Sony UP-dr150 will meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Utilizing Sony's dye sublimation technology, this printer produces high quality borderless photo-quality prints using the "Print by Sony" media.

Features include:
  • High Speed Printing
  • Superb Print Quality
  • High Volume Printing
  • USB Interface
  • Front Operation and Auto-loading mechanism
  • PC Compatibility
  • Gray Balance Adjustment Capability
  • Real-Time Monitoring

This printer has been discontinued and no longer available

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