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DNP IDW500 Passport System

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Sony UPX-C300 Passport System Media

DNP ID400 PASSPORT MEDIA 10UPCX46 ( 10UPCX46 ) DNPMX46 [250/79.8]

DNP / SONY 4x6 Passport System Media Print Kits, DNP / Fotolusio / Sony 10UPCX46 4x6 Paper & Ink Ribbon (10 packs of 25 sheet)

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The Sony UPX-C300 digital passport printing system is specifically designed to produce high-quality passport and ID photos that comply with federal requirements. This system is built on the legacy of the "best in class" UPXC200/20 and retains the Bluetooth wireless printing feature and ease of use functionality. The new UPX-C300 is also packed with a host of new features that help ensure fewer rejections by government agencies.

Easy Operation

From image capture to printing, all functions-including image size adjustments-can be performed easily from the digital camera.

Easy Exposure Level
When previewing an image before printing the camera operator can adjust its exposure by pressing the up and down control buttons on the digital camera for retake.

Automatic Face Alignment
With the simple press of a button, the operator can automatically adjust an image that is not aligned properly. Please note, in some circumstances, manual adjustment may be required.

Wireless Connectivity
The UPXC300 incorporates state-of-the-art Bluetooth™ wireless technology, which eliminates cable connections between the camera and printer.

Preset and Customizable Frame Format
The US passport size photo format and other formats used by most major countries around the world are pre-installed in the camera for simple and accurate passport photo printing.

Print Queue Function
This feature enables the camera operator to store a number of captured images after preview and print them all together in one batch, rather than having to print each image as it is captured.

Print Quality Adjustment
This feature enables color, dark/light, gamma, and sharpness adjustments from the MENU function of the camera.

Color and B/W Printing
Color and B/W prints can be made for a variety of applications.

Language Support
The LCD menu supports the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian and Japanese.

Multiple Printer Connection for High Productivity
To increase productivity, the system can be configured wirelessly with up to three printers.
Compact, Space-saving Design The space saving design of the printer enables it to be used in even the smallest retail space.

Large Strobe Flash
This feature increases the ability to shoot high-quality images.

Filter Compatibility
A camera lens filter thread is equipped to allow a choice of different 52mm filters to be attached.

Security Cable Caompatibility
The UPXC300 is equipped with a security slot for protection against theft.


Image Device 1/2.5" IT type CCd with 8M pixels
Image Capacity Approx. 30 or more images HIGH
120 or more images STD
Data Compression JPEG
Data Transfer Time Approx. 15 seconds: 54x54mm (2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inch) image
Approx. 10 seconds: 45x35mm (1 13/16 x 1 7/16 inch) image
Aperture f=12.5 to 25 mm
Sensitivity Equivalent to ISO 200
Shutter Speed 1/2 to 1/1000 second
White Balance Program/ One Push/ 3000K to 7000K (500K steps) selectable
Lens 2x Zoom
Auto Focus
LCD Monitor 3.0-inch cold polysilicone TFT color LCD viewfinder
Wireless Standard Bluetooth ver2.0
Printing Method Dye sublimation thermal transfer printing (yellow, magenta, cyan, laminate)
Printing Resolution 403 x 403 dpi
Print Capacity 25 sheets (10UPCX46)
30 sheets (10UPCX34)
Printing Time Approx. 65 seconds (10UPCX34)
Approx. 100 seconds (10UPCX46)
Paper Feed Method Sheet fed
Ink Supply Method Ink ribbon cartridge
Gradation 8 bit digital signal processing each for yellow, magenta, cyan


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