SONY UPX-C200/20
Digital Passport Photo
Printing System

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DNP IDW500 Passport System

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Sony UPX-C200 Passport System Media

DNP ID400 PASSPORT MEDIA 10UPCX46 ( 10UPCX46 ) DNPMX46 [250/79.8]

DNP / SONY 4x6 Passport System Media Print Kits, DNP / Fotolusio / Sony 10UPCX46 4x6 Paper & Ink Ribbon (10 packs of 25 sheet)

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The Sony UPX-C200 Digital Printing System is designed to provide high quality Passport/ID photos and mini portraits in a variety of useful
print sizes. The system consists of a digital photo printer, which reproduces photo-quality prints at a high resolution of 403 dpi, plus a 4 megapixel digital still camera, which combines exceptional image quality and a well-designed feature set in a single unit. With state-of-the-art wireless technology built into the system, the UPX-C200 enables you to transmit data between a camera and printer without the need for cable connections. This ensures high operating efficiency at every stage, from image capture to printing. Delivering a variety of photo services in a single system that boosts quality and efficiency, the Sony UPX-C200 is the ideal solution for today’s Passport/ID photo and mini portrait applications.

Easy operation
From image capture to printing, all functions including image size adjustments can be performed easily from the digital camera. Just click the shutter button, review the image on the camera’s LCD screen, and then press the PRINT button to effortlessly reproduce photo-quality prints.
In addition, the system offers a wireless multipleprinter configuration, which allows you to easily choose the designated printer from the camera.

Compact, space-saving design
The space-saving design of the printer enables it to be used in even the smallest retail space. It measures only 203(W) x 85(H) x 305(D) mm
(8 x 3 3⁄8 x 12 1⁄8 inch).

Wireless connectivity
The system incorporates state-of-the-art Bluetooth™ wireless technology, which eliminates cumbersome cable connections between the camera and the printer. Imagine how easy Sony has made it no camera docking station or camera to printer cable connection is necessary to transfer the images. Bluetooth makes this possible by transferring the data from camera to printer wirelessly. What’s more, to increase printing productivity, the system can be configured wirelessly with up to three printers. The UPX-C200 camera enables you to take another photo as soon as the captured image is transmitted to a printer. Therefore, you can start printing another photo using the optional second printer while the first image is being printed. This keeps your operation going with no

Quick Review
The Quick Review function allows you to review images while in Camera Mode. After the shutter button is pressed, the camera automatically displays the captured images on the LCD screen. The image remains on the screen until you take another photo. This innovative feature saves you time because, unlike most other digital systems, you do not have to switch from Camera Mode to Play Mode to review and print photos.

The best pictures possible
While the combination of the digital camera and the printer will give you the best quality shot each time, there may be certain images that you want to colour adjust. The colour-guide function lets you maximise image quality by enabling you to easily make hue, contrast, and tone adjustments.

Perfectly sized images
In addition to offering four preset frame sizes to choose from, the system easily lets you adjust the position of the head and chin lines, as well as the right and left lines, to create a customised frame. This ensures you’ll get the exact size you need every time. The camera’s swivel-LCD viewfinder can be adjusted 90 degrees, allowing for optimal ease of use.

Features include:

  • Low operating cost
  • Bluetoot wireless communication between camera and printer
  • 4 mega pixel digital camera holds up to 200 standard images
  • Preview all images before printing
  • Secure software to prevent alterations, forgery and tampering of photos
  • Add up to three printers for large volume printing
  • Versatile Printing Solutions:
  • Color or black and white printing
  • Multiple image layouts including borderless 4 X 6, two 2X2 passport photos and up to three poses per sheet of media


The System Includes:

  • 1 x Sony DKCC200X Camera (Refurbished with 1 year of warranty from DNP)
  • 1 x Sony UPDX100 Printer (Refurbished with 1 year of warranty from DNP)
  • 1 x 4x6 Paper Tray
  • 1 x Pack of 4x6 Media (UPX46/25 Prints)
  • 1 x AC Adapter for the Camera
  • 1 x Battery Charger with 4 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 x CD with User Guide
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
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