DNP has acquired Sony's commercial digital photo printer business

According to the agreement, Sony has transferred to DNP its worldwide business base related to the professional digital photo printers and DNP will be providing supplies of dye-sublimation print media for Sony's instant photo printers, kiosks and ID photo printers . DNP aims to continue strengthening and expanding its digital photo print business.


Sony 2UPC-C14 print size: 4 x 6 inches
Sony 2UPC-C14 prints per print pack: 400 prints (2 x 200 prints per media kit)
Sony 2UPC-C14 compatible printers: Sony UP-CR10L SnapLab, Sony UPC-X1
Sony 2UPC-C14 paper supply type: Roll Paper
Sony 2UPC-C14 ink supply method: Ribbon (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Overlay)



DNP SNAPLAB MEDIA KIT 4X6 2UPCC14 ( 2UPCC14 ) DNPMC14 [400/18.7]

DNP / Fotolusio / Sony 2UPCC14 Color paper & ribbon 4X6 x 200 x 2 sets

Price: $74.95 (2 kits per box, $37.48 each)
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