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Shinko CHC-S1245 Printer

Minilabs, portrait and event photographers have a growing need for instant output of enlargements and package prints and the Shinko S1245 printer is the perfect solution for this growing need. The Shinko S1245 printer, a fast, affordable, portable, high capacity printer that produces the highest quality prints in less than 30 seconds, with as many as 120 prints per hour. This is 2-3 times faster than most competitive cut-sheet printers. Shinko S1245's roll media yields 280 8x10 prints per roll, over 5 times the capacity of most cut sheet printers.

New Mac drivers are now available, click here to download.

High-speed Printing
The Shinko S1245 printer can print a glossy 8”x10” print in less than 30 seconds in the standard mode and a 8”x12” print in 35 seconds.

Glossy & Matte finishes
Shinko has developed a unique laminating process that is used in the Shinko S1245 printer. It allows glossy and matte surface finish from the same print pack. There’s no need to switch paper or ribbon.

Multi-Cut Capable
The Shinko S1245 printer has a special feature which enables printing smaller print sizes from a 8”x10”/8”x12” media kit. Prints are cut to two 5x7’s, two 6x8’s, or three 4x8’s any many more sizes.

Free Software
You can receive the KG Instant Print Software ($499 retail value) for FREE with the purchase of a Shinko 1245 printer. The KG Instant Print software automatically rotates, resizes and prints images from a hot folder. Images can be placed into the hot folder by using a tethered camera, drag and drop into the folder, or via a wireless (wi-fi) camera.

Shinko CHC-S1245 printer media
SHM128X10G [280/101.6]

8x10 Media Print Kit for Sinfonia 1245 Printers, Shinko / Sinfonia Paper & Ink Ribbon 8x10 x280

Price: $284.50
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SHM128X12G [230/119.6]

8x12 Media Print Kit for Sinfonia 1245 Printers, Shinko / Sinfonia Paper & Ink Ribbon 8x12 x230 or (8x10x230) **12"'**

Price: $275.00
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Shinko 1245 Printer Specifications
Reseloution: 300DPI
Gradation: 256 per color



Windows 2000 /XP/ Vista 32,64 / 7 32,64
Mac OS X 10.5 and above

Printer buffer: 32MB x 2
Speed: 30 seconds 8x10
35 seconds 8x12
Weight: 65 LBS
Dimensions: 13.5" W x 19.3" D x 13.6" H

As per Sinfonia's terms, any issues with the printer or media after purchase, has to be handled directly by Sinfoniai.



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