Sinfonia S3 6" High Capacity Digital Photo Printer

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Shinko Sinfonia Color Stream S3 Printer 6" High Capacity Digital Photo Printer

The Sinfonia S3 is the next generation of legendary printer S2145. The S3 offers super high-capacity, stunning print quality, and incredibly fast print speeds!

Its lightweight design enables you to use this printer for your photo booth, ID system, mini kiosk, event / photo, amusement and theme park photo, etc. The S3 printer will produce 4"x6" prints, and 6"x8" prints with the ability to produce 2"x6" strips cut from a 4"x6" (perfect for photo booth applications).

High Capacity
The Sinfonia S3 printer has a capacity of 900 prints for 4"x6" media minimizing the media replacement process and saving you valuable time.

High Speed
The Sinfonia S3 printer will produce a standard 4"x6" print in 8 seconds which is sure to meet the onsite demands of virtually any event.

Fast, Robust, Reliable Design
Less than the typical down payment on a new digital mini lab. Sleek, matte black finish matches existing Sinfonia line of printers.

Smart and Simple Operation
Instantly print while you shoot. Files can be sent wirelessly.

Easy maintenance
Front loading paper and ribbon. Simple spare parts replacement.

Easy-to-transport. Weighs only 33 pounds.

Warranty and support
Toll-free hotline, 3-year or 20,000 print warranty with Advanced Exchange Program standard. Extended warranty programs available.


Shinko Sinfonia Color Stream S3 printer media and accessories
SHMS3-4X6 [1800/13.1]

Sinfonia Print Media Kit for S3 Printer 4X6X900 x2 Sets (1800 Prints)

Price: $236.00
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SHMS3-6X8 [900/32.2]

Sinfonia Print Media Kit for S3 Printer 6X8X450 x2 Sets (900 Prints)

Price: $290.00
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Shinko Sinfonia Color Stream S3 Specifications
Resolution: 300DPI
Gradation: 12 dots/mm (300 dpi)



Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7/8/10

Paper Size Capacity: 152 mm (6 in.) width roll paper for print
900 sheets/roll (for 4 x 6 size prints)
450 sheets/roll (for 6 x 8 size prints)
(Same as each printable size of dye-sub print.)
Print Sizes: 51 mm x 152 mm (2 x 6 in)
102 mm x 152 mm (4 x 6 in)
152 mm x 203 mm (6 x 8 in)
Operating Temperature: 10 to 35 degrees C
Operating Humidity: 20% to 80% (RH) (There must be no condensation in both cases)
Paper Feeding: paper feed (Roll to Cut method)
Power voltage: 100 to 240 V AC (Automatic switching)
Power consumption: Less than 165 W / 1.8 A at 100 V AC
Less than 165 W / 0.8 A at 220 V AC
Buffer Memory: 32MB

Weight: 15 kg (or less without media)
Dimensions: 290 mm (W) x 375 mm (D) x 345 mm (H)
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