Noritsu Super Shimon

Super Shimon software supercharges the output of Noritsu digital dry printers by doubling the print resolution up to 1000 dpi. This level of increased resolution is ideal for specialized law enforcement applications such as fingerprint/latent fingerprint analysis.

With Super Shimon software dDP-421/621, DP-410/610 and M300 printers now have three high resolution print modes covering both traditional crime scene printing (evidence and shoe/tire) and fingerprint analysis needs. In addition to the Super Shimon 500 dpi and 1,000 dpi modes, the software also features a special 720 dpi mode that increases resolution with no change in print speed.

Shimon is the Japanese word for fingerprint and Super Shimon is the name for this groundbreaking new software, "Super Fingerprint."

Three new modes of output:

720 dpi high resolution mode
500 dpi Super Shimon mode
1,000 dpi Super Shimon mode


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