Noritsu EZiSupport Software

EZiSupport is a product support system designed to efficiently manage the performance of your Noritsu printer with remote diagnostics, remote software upgrade capability and printer status reporting.

Remote Diagnostics
Certified Noritsu technicians can access your printer, providing you with immediate access to diagnostic intervention. No more waiting for the technician to arrive to perform a first level of service. Increase uptime and ultimately save money.

Remote Software Upgrade Capability
Software upgrades can now occur during off hours without the need to occupy store personnel. Printer workflow continues unhindered, while providing you with the latest software available. Eligibility for certain services depends on your service agreement with Noritsu.

Printer Status Reporting
Noritsu technicians check error reporting and printer status data. Your consumable usage will be maximized and your printing systems will be operating at peak efficiency

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