Noritsu EZLab Software

Noritsu EZLab is a powerful new suite of software that provides enhanced control and improved workflow to retail and professional photofinishers. Acting as a central hub between Noritsu input and output devices, Noritsu EZLab extends your lab’s capabilities with productivity enhancements and additional management functionality. Time-consuming tasks are optimized, greatly increasing efficiency. The Noritsu EZLab suite is modular, allowing you the flexibility to start with the core application and simply add optional components to suit your needs.

Pre-Production Features

* Fully automatic operation based on printing policies created by the lab manager/administrator
* Supports up to 8 printers, including third party printers
* Automatic and manual order priority management

Production Features

* Multiple input station support
* Paper magazine management
* Full backprint control capability
* Color profile support
* Manual color corrections
* Automatic/manual red-eye removal
* Printer status report including errors and attentions
* Order management database to view all orders
* Order completion time display
* Order status report to reconcile order completion

Post-Production Features

* Data storage support
* CD writing support

Call for price

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