Using advanced design features and state-of-the-art technology, Noritsu V-Series film processors significantly increase productivity to make film processing quick and easy to perform. Featuring large graphic displays, dual lane processing and automatic film size detection, the V-Series delivers consistently reliable performance. Available in SM and RA chemistry configurations.
Noritsu M300


- Graphic displays and directions given in dialogue form.
- The back end can be placed up against a wall. Compact design that occupies minimal space.
- Despite its compact size, the QSF-V50 is capable of processing 50 rolls per hour.
- Use of a specialized leader with hooks makes splice tape unnecessary for APS processing.
- By adding an automatic loader (option), up to seven 135/240 leaders can be set, enabling an efficient workflow.


Film Size: 120,220,126,135,110,IX240
Method: Short leader transport
Processing Speed: 589 mm/minute
Dimensions: 540(W)x 1066 (1186) (L) x 1630(H); Numbers in parentheses are when the automatic loader is used.

Approx. 214 + Approx. 90 (solutions) = Approx. 304 (total weight)


Processing Capacity:

Film Size
Rolls per Hour
135 (24 exp)
50 (50)
IX240 (25 exp)
50 (46)
Calculated according to our criteria.
The actual capacity you achieve may be different.


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