NORITSU M300 Pro Dry Lab

The ultimate modular and scalable dry lab solution

Noritsu M300

The Noritsu M300 Pro provides users with a revolutionary combination of features that make it exceptionally well suited for professional studio printing applications. On the outside, the Noritsu M300 Pro has an extremely small footprint of 4.5 square feet, complemented by a unique scalable, stacking design that allows additional Noritsu M300 Pro units to be added to the printing system without taking up additional space. On the inside, versatility is a key part of the Noritsu M300 Pro feature set, providing users the ability to handle multiple print sizes and the option of roll or manual sheet paper feed.

* 7 color pigment ink process
* Stackable design allows increased productivity with no additional floor space requirements
* Simple USB 2.0 connection
* Up to 265 prints per hour (6"x4")

Print Sizes
5"x3.5", 6"x4", 5"x7", 8"x10", 8"x4", 8"x12", 10"x8", 10"x12", 10"x36".


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Noritsu M300 Inks

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Noritsu M300 Paper

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The Noritsu M300 Pro Advantage

Get high-quality, archive prints and proofs with Noritsu technology
Noritsu’s fourth generation technology and 7-color pigment ink system produce vibrant archive quality (1440 x 720 d.p.i.), highly water-resistant, longer-lasting prints. Studies show that prints made with pigment ink outperform dye-sub prints, lasting an average of 73.5 years longer

Wide variety of print size
• 5” x 3.5” • 5” x 7” • 10” x 8”
• 6” x 4” • 8” x 10” • 10” x 12”
• 8” x 4” • 8” x 12” • 10” x 36”

Maximizes space
Small 4.5 sq. ft. footprint. Two Noritsu M300 systems can be stacked to boost productivity and growth.

High capacity
Produces more prints to provide more revenue opportunities.
• Up to 325 prints/hr (5” x 3.5”)
• Up to 265 prints/hr (6” x 4”)
Outputs 10” x 8” prints at a blazing 104 prints/hr.

Higher margins and increased revenue
Cost-efficient ink and paper deliver low total cost per print and additional print sizes create new profit opportunities with enlargements, greeting cards and poster prints.

Supports roll paper, sheet paper and higher growth
Meet the needs of customers’ multiple orders and increase revenue streams.

World-class service and support
Get peace of mind from professional on-site installation and available service options such as training by a factory-trained Noritsu technician, dedicated support 7 days a week and nationwide on-site field service,
along with world-class Noritsu reliability.

Noritsu innovation
For 50 years, Noritsu has advanced photo processing technology with a tradition of innovation that has been recognized with awards from industry experts, including the Digital Imaging Marketing Association, Photo Trade News and Digital Output Magazine.

Easy connection and setup
Uses standard 110V power and USB 2.0 interface.

Environmentally friendly
No chemical disposal, no hassle.

Individual color cartridges
The Noritsu M300’s individual color cartridges are cost-efficient to maximize efficiency and produce less waste than printers with multi-ink cartridges.

Get maximum versatility.
With the Noritsu M300 Pro, you can make more than just proofs and high-quality final prints. Imagine new revenue streams with 4” x 8” photo greeting cards and panoramic 10” x 36” poster-sized prints, delivered with excellent color representation featuring natural gradations and professional grade blacks and whites.

Optional EZ Controller Software
Easy-to-use GUI lets you smoothly manage incoming orders, make value-added print settings correct images for highly efficient workflow.

Noritsu M300 Specifications

Printing system: Inkjet
Print resolution: 1440 x 720 dpi
Paper sizes roll: Width: 5”, 6”, 8” and 10”
Advance length: 3.5” to 18” (36”)*
Paper sizes sheet: Width: 5” to 8.5”
Advance length: 8” to 12”
Maximum print size: 10” x 36”
Paper specifications: Noritsu inkjet photo paper (semi-glossy/glossy)
Roll paper length: 328’
Diameter of paper roll core: 3” (76.5±0.1mm)
Paper thickness: 266µm
Ink specifications:

7 colors of pigment ink:
Y (Yellow), M (Magenta), C (Cyan), BK (Black),
R (Red), V (Violet), CL (Clear)
Volume: 500 ml per color

Weight: Approx. 159 lbs.
Power specifications:
(1P2W only)
Printer: AC100V - 240V 1P2W 50/60 Hz
Does not include RIP PC Power Requirements
Rated power capacity: 300VA or less

*Paper width: 8” and 10” only. Option required.
The maximum paper advance length is 18” when the paper width is 5” or 6”.

Stand-alone Printer Repeat Print Roll Paper Capacity

Print size Prints/hr
5” x 3.5” 325
6” x 4” 265
5” x 7” 168
8” x 10” 95
8” x 4” 230
8” x 12” 79
10” x 8” 104
10” x 12” 70
10” x 36” 23


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