NORITSU D701 Compact InkJet Printer

High performance and capacity that’s anything but compact

Noritsu M300

The new Noritsu D701 provides retailers with the inherent advantages of an inkjet printing system and more. Like other dry printers, it uses no chemicals, so you can install it just about anywhere. But it’s the unrivaled vividness of the Noritsu D701’s prints that makes Noritsu’s latest dry printer stand above the rest. The Noritsu D701’s revolutionary new 6-gradation, 4-color ink system produces beautiful images that far exceed the print quality of other dry printers.

The Noritsu D701’s vivid prints rival traditional silver halide prints in lightfastness and glossiness. Plus, this versatile machine can be used as a stand-alone printer in smaller photo retail outlets or side-by-side with a QSS printer for higher volume stores.

The extremely compact Noritsu D701 is big on advanced features, such as the ability to use both roll paper and sheet paper and switch between the two on the fly. You can also install multiple printers by stacking them – ideal for stores with limited space.

With the revolutionary D701, Noritsu boldly takes the lead in a new age of dry printer technology.


Noritsu D701 Inks

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Noritsu D701 Paper

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The perfect combination of quality and speed.

Newly developed ink system with 6 gradations per dot
The new Noritsu D701 uses a 4-color (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black) ink system with 6 gradations per dot to deliver a rich variety of tones and a smooth color portrayal.
In addition, it utilizes a new technology that adjusts the size of the dots when they touch the paper. This enables the individual dots to be output in 5 different sizes and allows for a range of 6 gradations per dot, including a no dot (white) variation. The result is high-speed output of high-quality prints with excellent color saturation and fine gradations.

Dye ink is absorbed by the paper
The paper absorbs the dye ink, making it possible to utilize the luster of the glossy paper to produce prints of an excellent glossiness. The Noritsu D701’s prints excel with vivid colors, smooth tones, and a print quality resembling silver halide photos.

Prints with long-lasting colors

Prints made with conventional dye ink tend to fade quickly. But the new dye ink of the Noritsu D701 has an improved molecular structure that withstands exposure to light and ozone. Its prints boast excellent lightfastness and long-lasting colors.

Molecular Structure

wide range of tones as well as high capacity

A compact high-speed printer
One of the Noritsu D701’s biggest advantages is its compact size. With a footprint of only 4.63 square feet, the Noritsu D701 is one of the smallest high-capacity retail inkjet printers on the market. Its high capacity of 650 prints per hour (4R) lets you increase output without taking up valuable retail selling space. Advantages like these make the Noritsu D701 a powerful tool for success.

Processing capacity prints/hr*
Roll paper (6” x 4”)
  Roll paper (10” x8”)




*Calculated according to our criteria.
The actual capacity you achieve may vary.

A wide variety of print sizes from both sheet paper and roll paper
The Noritsu D701 produces a rich variety of print sizes, including 10” x 36”. Both roll paper and sheet paper can be used, giving retailers the ability to handle a variety of print jobs for greater revenue.

A flexible network system customized to fit your needs

A flexible layout adaptable to your shop’s floor space
The Noritsu D701 is designed to be extremely flexible, so you can easily move your network components around and try different layouts whenever you want to rearrange your shop. The operation PC (EZ Controller) is connected to the printer with an Ethernet connection, which enables them to be separated and placed in spots that best suit your available floor space. Order-taking and printing tasks can be done in the same area.

Operate the Noritsu D701 like a complete digital minilab

Using a film scanner and Noritsu EZ Controller software (both sold separately) on your networked PC enables the Noritsu D701 to function like a complete digital minilab. Enhanced capabilities such as receiving orders via kiosk and CD writing are possible with powerful EZ Controller software.

EZ Controller software (sold separately) - This software equips the Noritsu D701 with the same functions as QSS digital minilabs, handling everything from print order management to color correction of individual images. The EZ Controller simplifies your system’s operation and controls all the devices in your network, such as kiosks, film scanners and CD writers.
EZ Lab software (option) - This option for the EZ Controller is used for connecting and controlling multiple printers and PCs.

Printer that grows with your needs
With EZ Controller software (sold separately), you can connect multiple Noritsu D701 printers for increased capacity. Two Noritsu D701 printers, for example, can produce nearly 1,300* prints per hour! The Noritsu D701 system offers excellent scalability to meet future printing demands. Noritsu D701 group print function
The Noritsu D701 has a special function available that lets you register multiple Noritsu D701 printers in the EZ Controller as group printers and distribute the print workload among the group’s printers. (If 300 prints are divided among three Noritsu D701 printers, each prints 100).

Print Sorter Unit
The Noritsu D701 offers several efficiency-enhancing options, including the Print Sorter Unit, which improves workflow by automatically separating the prints into their respective orders. The sorter can handle 8 orders and up-to 50 prints per tray.

A variety of available system configurations

Stand-alone printer
A simple way to make prints
You can use the QSS Printer Driver or Noritsu Quick Access software (each sold seperately) to operate the Noritsu D701 in a stand-alone printer configuration.

Multiple printers
Connect multiple printers for enhanced printing efficiency
Installing the Noritsu EZLAB allows you to streamline workflow by automatically dividing the print workload among multiple printers. The Noritsu EZLAB intelligently calculates the optimal print distribution pattern, taking into account which printers are busy, in order to efficiently assign print jobs. It also enables you to output with a wide range of QSS and dDP printers.

Multiple kiosk connection using EZ controller
Ideal for retailers with more than one order input method
Noritsu opened architecture allows connectivity to many third party kiosks.

Noritsu M300 Specifications

Printing system: Inkjet
Print resolution: 720 x 720 dpi
Paper sizes roll: Width: 4”,5”, 6”, 8” and 10”
Advance length: When the width is 4”, 5”, 6”: 3.5” to 18”
When the width is 8”, 10”: 3.5” to 36”
Paper sizes sheet: Width: 5” to 8.5”
Advance length: 8” to 11.5”
Max. no. of sheets: Up to 20 can be set in tray
Maximum print size: 10” x 36” (roll paper) / 8.5” x 11.5” (sheet paper)
Paper specifications: Roll paper: Noritsu inkjet photo paper (semi-glossy/glossy)
Paper thickness: 242µm
Length of paper roll: 328 ft.
Sheet paper: Noritsu specified paper
Ink specifications:

4 colors of dye ink:
Y (Yellow), M (Magenta), C (Cyan), BK (Black)
Volume: 500 ml per color

Weight: Approx. 212 lbs. (not including RIP-PC)
Power specifications:
AC100-120V/200-240V 1P2W
not including RIP-PC
Rated power capacity: 800VA or less (not including RIP-PC)

Printer Repeat Print Roll Paper Capacity*

Print size Prints/hr
5” x 3.5” 750
6” x 4” 650
8” x 10” 250
10” x 8” 280
10” x 12” 195
* Calculated according to our criteria.
The actual capacity you achieve may vary.


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