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Nisca was the first company, in 1998, to offer the modular laminating unit attached to the printer. Today, that same design has proven its effectiveness by laminating many millions of cards at thousands of locations.

The secret to the design is inside the orange roller – a halogen heat lamp. This specially designed “heat roller” offers extremely quick heat-up and cool-down times - you can begin to print and laminate in less than 2 minutes. The heat roller also offers an extremely long life and is more energy efficient than common heating elements used in other systems.

The modular design is optimal for field upgrades. No tools are required to add a laminator to an existing Nisca printer. When the laminator is attached to the printer, the printer automatically configures the laminator. This is ideal for serviceability and ease of integration.

The PR5302 Heat Roller (laminator) is designed to easily attach and operate with Nisca dual-sided PR53XX series printers. The unit offers high-speed lamination for standard CR-80 cards. A state of the art RS-422 high-speed communication port interfaces with the printer, allowing the printer’s firmware and driver to optimally configure the unit for a variety of laminate materials. Additionally, two PR5302s can be attached together and configured with one PR5300, PR5310 or PR5350 printer
to apply different types of laminate materials to a card. This solution offers the utmost in security and protection for your applications.

• High speed lamination – from 8 to 50 seconds per card
• Hardcoat 1mil or .5 mil patch lamination – registered and wallpaper formats, model 5302A
• Thinfilm lamination – registered and wallpaper formats, model 5302D
• Dual sided lamination – same patch or alternating front/back patches, two PR5302 as shown below
• High speed dual sidedlamination – using two lamination units

Nisca offers two types of laminators, the PR5302A and the PR5302D. Both types have support for either 110 Volt or 220 Volt power. There is no auto-switching, therefore the power requirements must be specified at time of purchase.

With one PR5302 Heat Roller the user can laminate a single side – front or back – by configuring the hardware in the Nisca driver. It is also possible to laminate both sides of the card with one laminator, which can be configured in the driver as well. As there is only one supply of laminate material in one Heat Roller unit, you are limited in laminating both sides of the card with the same laminate material, unless you have purchased “Alternating Patch” material. Nisca’s alternating patch material gives the user the option to laminate both sides of the card with two different laminate designs.

In most cases, users request a hologram on the front of the card and a clear material on the back of the card to protect a bar code or other critical data. The alternating patch material is also commonly used for Smart Card applications where there
is a contact IC chip on the front of the card and a magnetic stripe on the back of the card. In this case the alternating patch material will have a die cut out for the IC chip on the front and a 3/4 patch on the back of the card so the magnetic
stripe does not interfer with it.

Dual lamination with two PR5302 units attached can successfully be used in many applications where the customer requires lamination on both sides of the card with different laminate material, and also requires higher through-put. Operating a system configured with two Heat Roller units increases printing speed greatly over a single lamination
system using alternating patch material. Adding two PR5302 units to your printer is simple, but does require a special
Y-cable and ROM for the second laminator (part number: 3885cable/rom), so please instruct your reseller that this is
the desired configuration and specify the cable on your order.

Security Lamination
Nisca offers a variety of laminate materials in two categories, Hardcoat (patch style) and Thinfilm (or Softcoat). Hardcoat lamination assures superior protection against color fading and scratching. Nisca’s 1mil Hardcoat material stands up to the rigorous durability testing regularly performed by driving license authorities globally. Hardcoat material is available in a standard 1mil (.001 inch) or custom .5 mil (.0005 inch) thickness. Nisca’s Thinfilm laminate is unique, because it is the only
material on the market that is designed to adhere to the ribbon’s overlay panel applied by the print head. Therefore, it provides enhanced dye migration and fading protection. The Softcoat material can be applied edge-to-edge and offers up to 500 images per roll versus the Hardcoat’s 255 images per roll.

Adding lamination to the application will increase the card’s life, secure the data on the cards, and increase the security of your offices. In stock, Nisca has several types of generic security hologram material and clear (no hologram) laminate material with no minimum order requirements. Many customers opt for the convenience of a generic material, whereas others prefer the enhanced security of a custom laminate. Nisca is always pleased to offer consultation on security lamination designed for your needs.

Nisca Lamination Security Features
Custom security features can be designed into both Hardcoat and Softcoat material and are common for clients interested in using their cards as visual security passes – sometime called “flash passes”. Below are examples of the 10 most common features integrated into laminate material.


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