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Mitsubishi CP-9000DW Printer

Exceptionally Fast Photographic Printer
With the Mitsubishi CP-9000DW printer, instant digital photo processing has never looked better. Designed to meet a variety of photo processing applications, it combines blazingly fast print speed, long-life print head, and a large capacity paper roll to provide an exceptional revenue-generating source. Utilizing a built-in Color Imaging Chip, the Mitsubishi CP-9000DW printer accurately controls color characteristics and delivers consistent print quality, regardless of ink sheet.


Discontinued Model


Print Method: Dye sublimation thermal transfer
Resolution: 346 dpi (fine mode); 692 dpi (super fine mode)
Print Size: 3.5 x 5"; 4 x 6”
Image area: Edge-to-edge
Print Time: 3.5 x 5” approx.17 sec; 4 x 6”: approx. 20 sec.
Memory: 32 MB SDRAM (2 Frame)
Interface: High-speed USB 2.0, SCSI-II



Mitsubishi 9000 printer media

MEM9035 ( CK9035 ) [680/16]

Mitsubishi Paper & Ink-sheet 3.5X5X680 Prints [CK-9035]

Price: $109.00
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MEM9046 ( CK9046 ) [600/14]

Mitsubishi Roll Paper & Ink-sheet 4X6X 600 Prints [CK-9046]

Price: $83.99
Quantity Discount:4+ $81.99
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MEM9046PST ( CK9046PST ) [600/33.2]

Mitsubishi Roll Post Card Paper & Ink-sheet 4X6X 600 Prints [CK-9046PST]

Price: $199.00
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MEM9057 ( CK9057 ) [350/40]

Mitsubishi Paper & Ink-sheet 5X7X350 Prints [CK-9057]

Price: $139.95
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MEM9069 ( CK9069 ) [270/53.7]

Mitsubishi Paper & Ink-sheet 6X9X270 Prints [CK-9069]

Price: $145.00
Quantity Discount:4+ $142.00
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