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Mitsubishi CKD746

Mitsubishi CKD746 print size: 4 x 6 inches
Mitsubishi CKD746 prints per print pack: 800 prints (2 x 400 prints per media kit)
Mitsubishi CKD746 compatible printers: Mitsubishi D700 series printers
Mitsubishi CKD746 paper supply type: Roll Paper
Mitsubishi CKD746 ink supply method: Ribbon (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Overlay)



MEMD746 ( CK-D746 ) [800/11.7]

4x6 Media Print Kits for Mitsubishi D70, D707 and D90 Printers, Mitsubishi Paper & Ink Ribbon 4x6 x400 x 2 sets (800 prints) [CK-D746]

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Quantity Discount:4+ $92.00
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