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Mitsubishi Grace
Digital Dry Lab Pearlescent Photo Paper

Grace Pearlescent Photo Paper is the first of its kind metallic inkjet photo media compatible with all aqueous wide format inkjet photo printers. Ideal for professional and high quality commercial photo applications, posters, graphic display and signage uses, such as POP. Grace Pearlescent captures the imagination of professional photographers desiring a paper with a metallic surface and higher gloss with the look of traditional 'wet' photo papers for aqueous inkjet printers.

Grace Pearlescents unique metallic gloss surface finish is similar to silver halide metallic photo papers and features an advanced microporous coating on resin coated photo based paper. This highly versatile inkjet photo media offers exceptional image clarity and brilliant color reproduction with a high gloss metallic finish. Available in popular cut sheet sizes and wide format rolls, this rich, smooth photo paper dries instantly and features a glossy, water and scratch-resistant finish.

The Grace Pearlescent Photo Paper is specifically designed for use in the latest inkjet drylab photo printing equipment to ultimately produce incredibly brilliant output with vivid color and exceptional image clarity.

MIIMF16X10-Short ( GDMF16X10 )

Mitsubishi Grace Digital Pearlescent 16"x10 10.4 mil-Weight 255g/m2 on a 3" core

Price: $15.00
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MIIMF24X10-Short ( GDMF24X10 )

Mitsubishi Grace Digital Pearlescent 24"x10 10.4 mil-Weight 255g/m2 on a 3" core

Price: $25.25
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