Kodak DL2100 Duplex Printer

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Kodak DL2100 Duplex Printer


Double trouble for your competition, double the fun for your customers.
Major growth opportunities for you. Jump-start your entry into the multi-million dollar card and photo book categories with the new KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer. This smart and sassy little printer delivers new double-sided KODAK Quality Photo Books, Calendars, and Greeting Cards you need to see to believe. The Kodak Dl2100 Duplex Printer provides the option for photo gifts in-store while the customer waits and is priced to generate pay back in less than one year.

• KODAK Quality Prints that last a lifetime- Bright colors and sharp text delivered on papers that weve tested with consumers for key attributes that drive preference.
• Easy and fun- The award-winning KODAK Picture Kiosk software delivers an intuitive and streamlined workflow plus easy creative options that consumers love.
• Speed that delights consumers- Deliver gifts and cards in just minutes. Products are delivered collated and ready to bind.

• Performance and reliability- LED-based lectrophotographic
technology for high quality at high speeds. Plus more reliability than laser solutions due to fewer moving parts.

• Flexible connectivity- Works seamlessly with our
KODAK Picture Kiosks and KODAK Adaptive Picture
Exchange (APEX), our new dry lab solution.

Kodak Dl2100 Duplex Printer Products:

KODAK Double-sided Calendars
• Available in 8.5" x 11"
• Option to select multiple photos per month

KODAK Double-sided Photo Books
• Printed on easy-to-write-on paper
• Beautiful designs to choose from
• Multiple pages and sizes of books available
• Optiom to choose up to 100 of your favorite photos
• KODAK Prints that last a lifetime*
• Pages are bound in-store with a classic hardcover

KODAK Double-sided Greeting Cards
• Create a 5"x7" folded greeting card
• Personalize it with a photo and text
• Designs for every occasion

KODAK DL2100 DUPLEX PRINTER SPECIFICATIONS Print Process: Single Pass LED, 1200x600 dpi, Electro-Photographic Printer Processing: 700 Mhz, 64 bit, 256 MB memory Print times: First color print in 11 seconds (cards)
10-page Photo Book ~ 5 minutes
Monthly Calendar w/cover (13 pgs) ~ 3 minutes
5 Custom Greeting Cards ~ 1 minutes

DL2100 Dimensions: (H x W x D): 50.8 x43.5 x 62.2 cm (20 x 17.1 x 24.5 in.)
Weight: Unpacked 31 Kg (68.3 lbs.)
OUTPUT OPTIONS: Duplex Photo Books: A4 and 8.5x11 in. sizes
  Duplex Calendars A4 and 8.5x11 in. sizes
  Duplex Greeting
  Cards 13x18 cm (5x7 in.)

KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer (120V) 839-1476
KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer (230V) 849-2423
KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Paper/ Gloss/ A4 190-4267
KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Paper/ Gloss/ 8.5 x 11 in. 885-1875
KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Greeting Card Paper 867-7395
KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Toner/Yellow 824-2323
KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Toner/Cyan 103-1145
KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Toner/Magenta 107-8542
KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Toner/Black 887-0792
White Greeting Card Envelopes / 5.25 x 7.25 in. Qty: 2080 envelopes 121-2042
KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Enabler Kit for Picture Kiosk 157-8152
KODAK DL2100 Creative Content Kit 146-1177


KODAK DL2100 PRINTER ( 8391476 ) KOP2100

Kodak DL2100 Duplex Printer

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Kodak Dl2100 Duplex Printer media and accesories

KODLI1031145 ( 1031145 )

Kodak DL2100 Cyan Toner [103-1145]

Price: $249.95
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KODLI1078542 ( 1078542 )

Kodak DL2100 Magenta Toner [107-8542]

Price: $249.95
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KODLI8242323 ( 8242323 )

Kodak DL2100 Yellow Toner [824-2323]

Price: $249.95
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KODLI8870792 ( 8870792 )

Kodak DL2100 Black Toner [887-0792]

Price: $139.95
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KODLP8433260 ( 8433260 )

KODAK Greeting 9.6"X6.8" prescored flat sheet (Folded Card 4.8"X6.8") (200 ct) [843-3260 ]

Price: $40.00
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KODLP8851875 ( 8851875 )

Kodak Duplex Printer Paper/ Gloss/ 8.5 x 11" (250 ct) [885-1875]

Price: $36.75
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