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Kodak Photo Book Paper

Get the consistent quality, silver-halide, thin-based paper you need for your photo book production.

KODAK Photo Book Paper, Kodak's thinnest photographic paper, offers the highest D-max and color gamut of any Kodak silver-halide, consumer, color-negative paper. The emulsion technology enables rich, bright colors, exceptional dynamic range and detail, and spectacular print quality. KODAK Photo Book Paper has a 169-micron-thick base compared to 210 microns from our world-class KODAK EKTACOLOR EDGE Paper. The thinner base enables this paper to work well in double-sided, photo-book assembly.

This paper is also ideal for post cards and album cover production.

Current Kodak Silver Surcharge will be applied after the orders are placed  

KORPB06 ( 1401801 )

Kodak Photo Book Paper (15.2cmx240m) 6"X787 E [140-1801]

Price: $154.94
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KORPB08 ( 1945906 )

Kodak Photo Book Paper (20.3cmx240m) 8"X787 E [194-5906]

Price: $206.59
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KORPB10 ( 8176869 )

Kodak Photo Book Paper (25.4cmx240m) 10"X787 E [817-6869]

Price: $258.24
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KORPB12 ( 1243658 )

Kodak Photo Book Paper (30.5cmx30m) 12"X787 E [124-3658]

Price: $309.89
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KORPB20 ( 8306177 )

Kodak Photo Book Paper (50.8cmx120m) 20"X394 E [830-6177]

Price: $258.56
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