Kodak Print Place

With the KODAK Print Place Tablet, your business can become a Wi-Fi enabled photo kiosk location without a big investment in dollars or floor space. Customers can create stunning 4x6 in., 5x7 in. and 6x8 in. prints, picture cards, collages or ID prints quickly, simply, and affordably in store. It's fast and fun as consumers can also Wi-Fi their pictures directly from their smartphones with the free KODAK MOMENTS App. And it's a great way to build loyalty with customers who love using new technology that's both convenient and cool.

The Kodak Print Place Has Been Discontinued But The Supplies Are Available

KOM3-6R ( 1195916 ) [350/28.3]

Kodak 305 6R Paper and Ink Ribbon 4x6 x 320 x 2 sets (640 4x6 prints) [1195916]

Price: $99.00
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KOM3-6R-RIBBON ( 1016815 ) [350/12.9]

Kodak 305 6R Ribbon Only 4x6 x 320 x 1 set (320 4x6 prints) [1016815]

Price: $45.00
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A big opportunity for a small investment

Digital cameras and mobile devices were expected to capture one trillion images in 2015. Of those images, 80% came from mobile devices.

Now you can capitalize on this huge change in the way people preserve memories by creating your own KODAK Print Place. With Print Place, you don't need a big investment in equipment or a lot of floor space. Put your Print Place on a counter, or in almost any compact area, and offer customers an easy, fast way to make high-quality prints from their digital files.

The streamlined smartphone printing solution is here
With the free KODAK MOMENTS App, your customers' phones become image creation and ordering devices for your Print Place. Print Place becomes an innovative, totally functional photo printing experience for your customers and a great profit center for you. And thanks to its handy size, you can even take your system on the road to capitalize on photo printing at weddings, parties, corporate events, and other occasions.

It's the system that fits almost everywhere, powered by the best available imaging technology.

  • KODAK Print Place Tablet
    Pleasingly simple interface that also accepts digital camera cards

  • KODAK 305 Photo Printer
    Delivers no-ink, no-mess, stain- and water-resistant photos that last a lifetime1

  • KODAK Print Hub II2
    Collects orders via Wi-Fi from the tablet allowing for the convenient separation of the tablet and printe

Now printing digital pictures is as easy as taking them
The key to designing a smartphone printing system is to keep it simple. The KODAK Print Place is designed to eliminate confusion and hassles so customers can quickly print and be on their way.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
    You'll love the fact the system comes with its own Wi-Fi and your customers will love the fact that the fast, secure connection won't keep them waiting

    With the KODAK MOMENTS App, customers can create and send completed orders directly to the printer.

  • Portable media, too
    The system also accommodates customers who feel more comfortable using memory cards and USB flash drives

  • Easy-to-use touch-screen tablet
    The compact tablet lets customers zoom, rotate and crop pictures without needing help from a clerk

  • Templates inspire creativity
    Customers can easily add their photos to ready-made picture greeting cards, collages, ID photos or choose customizable options



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