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Kodak SM Chemistry

The Kodak SM Chemicals are a remarkable new technology from Kodak; a system of no-mix, no-mess, easy-to-use chemicals featuring reduced effluent volumes and less effect due to low utilization.

New low-volume, thin-tank technology creates many advantages for minilabs. SM minilabs employ a simple new chemical processing system to achieve ultimate efficiency. Kodak has developed this unique system of paper and film process chemicals and processing technology to offer distinct benefits:

Less low utilization process variability
A 70% to 90% tank volume reduction combines with high-impingement agitation for dramatically improved chemical efficiency. You'll clean tanks less often thanks to rapid tank turnover and high agitation.

No-mix, no-mess chemical loading
Film and paper process chemicals are contained in four special processing units that are loaded directly into an Kodak SM minilab. A patented processor/chemical interface injects the correct quantity of concentrates into the tanks, eliminating all mixing.

25% faster first print access time compared to Process RA-4
While most minilab paper process equipment deliver a first print in approximately 4 minutes, your first print with Kodak SM technology will arrive in just 3 minutes.



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KOC1173319 ( 1173319 )

KODAK SM PROCESSING UNIT F2X2 This item will Discontinue on ore before 4/30/2018 [1173319]

Price: $74.06
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KOC1701325 ( 1701325 )

KODAK Ektacolor SM P2 X 2 [1701325]

Price: $103.94
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KOC1925254 ( 1925254 )


Price: $26.28
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KOC8079782 ( 8079782 )

Kodak Ektacolor SM P1 x 2 [807-9782]

Price: $410.60
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KOC8531691 ( 8531691 )

KODAK EKTACOLOR Digital Developer Replenisher RT / Part B / To make 50 gal (189 L) [853-1691]

Price: $159.43
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KOC8729956 ( 8729956 )


Price: $38.52
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