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HiTi Photo Printer Transphotable

No matter where you are or when you want to print your photos, the HiTi Photo Printer Transphotable gives you the convenient ability to print anywhere you go in your auto, truck, SUV, or boat!
HiTi Photo Printer Transphotable - The Best Partner for Your Recreational Lifestyle.

TFT LCD Wizard Window
The HiTi Photo Printer Transphotable features a handy controller with a Witty Wizard Window which provides various print modes and image editing and enhancing functions. Important functions include:
Choices of printing format
You can print all possible formats through the Wizard Window such as 4"x6" photo paper, photo stickers in 4x4, 4/2/4 and 1x1 formats, and other applications such as photo IDå¸, Index Prints, etc.
Index printing
Print index page for all images from your SmartMedia or CompactFlash card as you wish
ID Photo and Stickers
Create photo IDs and cool stickers
Zoom in and out of images
Enlarge or reduce your desired images size
Quick image editing and enhancement
Edit images before printing them out with just few clicks (Move, Rotate, Resize, alter Brightness, Contrast, Color R/C, Color B/Y)
Twin Slot Multi Memory Card Reader
CompactFlash and SmartMedia Cards are both supported by the Transphotable. (MS, MMC, SD cards are also supported with the purchase of individual adapters)
16.77 Million Color Performance
True color 300 dpi x 300 dpi Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (D2T2) technology delivers resolution and color depth that rival anyone's. Dye-sublimation produces deeper, more vivid, and more natural colors than inkjet machines are capable of.
Magic Coating Technology
HiTi's Magic Coating Technology keeps photo prints brilliant by adding a waterproof layer which protects against moisture, fingerprints, and Ultraviolet radiation. Our photo prints will outlast inkjet prints and have a durability which is on par with prints from a photo-lab.
Unique "Watermark" effect (PC mode only)
Choose the built-in patterns or import your own images to create unique patterned photos with a translucent design impressed on the print visible when the photo is held to the light.
Ambient Temperature Detection and Quality Control
The HiTi Transphotable features temperature auto-detection. The dedicated built-in sensor measures the ambient temperature and humidity and adjusts the printing mode automatically to provide consistent photo output quality under all conditions.
Borderless Photo Outputs
The Transphotable is able to perform full size 4" x 6" sized print results without any white borders or clipping damage to the margins.
Bundle Software
HiTi PhotoDésirée
Image Editing :
PhotoDésirée allows enhancement and modification of images such as cropping, rotating, and resizing along with further enhancement using the contrast/brightness, hue/saturation, shadow/emboss, and auto settings.
Versatile Printing:
PhotoDésirée offers the ability to create various fun and useful layouts such as calendars, greeting cards, and stickers to share with family and friends.
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