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HiTi Photo Printer 640ID

HiTi 640ID delivers high quality, professional color photos for an exceptional price. In addition to the customized ID formats, it also includes a convenient function that enables the user to print different sizes and images onto the same paper.

Embedded ID Format
With an array of ID formats already built-in, the HiTi 640ID can set up a particular ID size to suit the different demands and restrictions in each country.
Get even more value from your investment with the added ability to print different images and various image sizes onto the same paper.

Click here to see ID format sample!
(*For this exclusive service and information, please contact your HiTi sales or distributors to get more information.)
LCD Wizard Window
Premium quality display screen
The HiTi 640ID includes a LCD controller that allows the users to clearly view the image and be certain that it is the image that they wish to print.
Dynamic previewing and editing function
Via the LCD controller, users can choose an image, make any necessary adjustments to the color, size, or rotation; print the crisp and colorful, true-to-life image. Through the LCD controller, the wrong picture will no longer be printed out and wasted, and the users will never need to adjust an image. This will inevitably lower your operating costs and save you valuable time. All of this will add up to larger profits for you!
Twin Slots Multi Memory Cards Compatible
Being memory card compatible enables users to print photos directly without the use of a bothersome PC. The HiTi 640ID accepts six memory cards, including: Compact Flash (CF), SmartMedia (SM), Memory Stick (MS), Secure Digital (SD), Multi Media Card (MMC) and IBM Micro Driver. Simply insert the compatible memory card into the slot and then use the convenient LCD to print your images.
Rapidly modify and fine-tune images before printing them out
The 640ID provides Brightness, Contrast, Color R/C, Color B/Y, Sharpness, Move, Rotate, Resize, and Copies adjusting options. Therefore, prior to printing an image, the user can adjust and preview the image that will satisfy each user's preferences.  
Satisfy Individual Preferences
Adjustable color preference
To satisfy individual preferences, the user is able to setup the color adjust to suit their own taste, and save this setting value via the LCD controller. Therefore, the user will no longer need to continuously adjust the settings, and the color of the photos, because they will have automatically been modified.

ID-Count function
In the SETUP options, the HiTi 640ID also provides an ID-Count function. By utilizing this new function, the 640ID can automatically calculate and memorize a certain number of prints for each ID photo.

"Matte surface" effect
Also included in the SETUP options are various built in graphics.* By using these graphics, youwill be able to create a unique "watermark" and "matte surface" effect on your own, uniquely patterned photos, with infinite imagination.
Magic Coating Technology:
A revolutionary top coating protects your prints by sealing the layers into the paper. This safeguards the images from UV lights, fingerprints, and even water. There is no smudging, running, or blotching because your prints are dry and ready to touch as soon as they leave the printer.  
Various Printing Applications
With your own HiTi Photo Printers, you can create versatile photo printouts, including ID photo, sticker, calendar, greeting card, 4" X 6" photo, bookmark...etc, all by yourself !
Bundle Software
HiTi PhotoDésirée
Image Editing :
PhotoDésirée allows enhancement and modification of images such as cropping, rotating, and resizing along with further enhancement using the contrast/brightness, hue/saturation, shadow/emboss, and auto settings.
Versatile Printing:
PhotoDésirée offers the ability to create various fun and useful layouts such as calendars, greeting cards, and stickers to share with family and friends.

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