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HiTi Photo Printer 640GALA

HiTi Photo Printer 640GALA is a perfect tool for event photographer, makes the event full of joy and surprise. No matter where you are, HiTi Photo Printer 640GALA's template function is always giving you the characteristic photos with attractive template. Of course, high quality of printout is always what HiTi printers insist on.

HiTi Photo Printer 640GALA makes your fascinating life presented immediately
Color LCD Wizard Window
HiTi 640GALA gives you total control over photo printing without a computer by previewing on a color LCD Wizard Window. Key functions include:
Choices of printing formats
You can print all possible formats through the Wizard Window such as 4 in. x 6 in. photo paper, photo stickers in 4x4, 4/2/4 and 1x1 formats and other combinations such as photo for HiTi Mug Press Kit, all formats support stand-alone template function.
Quick image editing and enhancement
Renovate images before print them out by just few clicks (Move, Rotate, Resize, Copies, Brightness, Contrast, Color R/C, Color B/Y...etc.).
Matte surface effect
You can select the surface finish of glossy or matte texture by a simple touch of the controller.
Printout Setting
In order to customize your 640GALA with your digital camera, 640GALA enables you to adjust your favor color setting once-for-all.
Dual Slots Multi Memory Cards Acception
640GALA accepts almost memory cards widely used by current digital cameras including CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Secure Digital, Multimedia Card and IBM Micro Drive. (xD-Picture card is also supported via optional adapter.)
16.77 Million Color Performance
True color 403 dpi x 403 dpi continuous-tone Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (D2T2) technology delivers important moments to the forever capture with fine detail.
Magic Coating Technology
Magic Coating Technology keeps your photo prints brilliant with waterproof layer and protects against fingerprint and the UV radiation.
Unique "Watermark" effect
Magic Coating Technology will create you the unique "watermark" and "matte surface" effect by choosing the built-in patterns or importing your own image to create your own uniquely patterned photos with infinite imagination.
Personal photographic privacy, print out your style arbitrarily
HiTi Photo Printer 640GALA makes any place as the printing center, and brings you fantastic feeling of photo print. Further more, HiTi 640GALA stand-alone template function makes all photos unique from other ones, you may easily print photos with designed template. Comparing with other printer, it saves time and with more convenience at your fingertips.
Borderless photo outputs
HiTi 640GALA is able to perform full sized 4 in. x 6 in. printing results without any white border, or damages while clipping the margins. It makes your digital photographs as brilliant as your memory.
Bundle Software
HiTi PhotoDésirée
Image Editing :
PhotoDésirée allows enhancement and modification of images such as cropping, rotating, and resizing along with further enhancement using the contrast/brightness, hue/saturation, shadow/emboss, and auto settings.
Versatile Printing:
PhotoDésirée offers the ability to create various fun and useful layouts such as calendars, greeting cards, and stickers to share with family and friends.
HiTi GalaDésirée
Designed for template custermising, users could design their own template and make template becoming HiTi 640GALA's format through free bundled application HiTi GalaDésirée.
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