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HiTi Photo Printer 631PL

With continuous-tone printing and 16.77 Million true colors photo quality, the 631PL is designed to be used at home or office to print out digital images once they have been transferred to a PC or a Mac.

16.77 Million Color Performance
HiTi Photo Printers employs Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (D2T2) technology to deliver exclusive 16.77 Million true colors photo quality, presenting world-class glorious photos.
Dot-free Photo Printing
Continuous-tone printing provides Dot-free photo prints with superior color reproduction, in comparison to traditional inkjet printers' half-tone printing.
Magic CoatingTM Technology
With HiTi Photo Printer Magic CoatingTM technology, photo prints will no longer be ruined by water drop or fingerprint. A protective overcoating will be applied to the top of the print to protect the photo against water, fingerprint and UV hazard.
Exclusive "Watermark" Effect
Magic CoatingTM technology will create the unique "Watermark" and "Matte Surface" to personalize your own distinctively patterned photos with infinite imagination.

Bundle Software
HiTi PhotoDésirée
Image Editing :
PhotoDésirée allows enhancement and modification of images such as cropping, rotating, and resizing along with further enhancement using the contrast/brightness, hue/saturation, shadow/emboss, and auto settings.
Versatile Printing:
PhotoDésirée offers the ability to create various fun and useful layouts such as calendars, greeting cards, and stickers to share with family and friends.
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