DNP IDW500 Passport System

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Wireless Digital Passport Photo Printing System

The DNP IDW500 is a wireless ID and passport photo solution for professionals that includes a high-end Sony Camera with two Toshiba FlashAir SD cards (one for the camera and one for the printer). This unique function provides a simple, direct, and wireless solution that is fast, reliable, and convenient. Unlike other systems which require the need to remove a memory card to insert into a kiosk or work around camera cables. Producing a passport or ID photo is easy with the DNP IDW500!


  • Printer, Camera, Monitor, and Air Card all included!
  • Includes 3-year AE warranty at no cost!
  • No need for manual adjustment—saving you time and removing the risk ofoperator error.
  • The IDW500 is specifically designed to produce passport and ID photos that comply with federal requirements; thus eliminating rejections and keeping your customers happy!
  • Designed for both domestic and foreign passport requirements.
  • Degital copy- The IDW500 software has the ability to copy the captured image to the customer’s USB
Choose from a vast selection of foreign and domestic passport and Visa output sizes.
Gallery The IDW500 software creates a gallery of the past six caputured images. This allows for easy reprints or changing the template without taking another picture.
Gallery The built-in biometric function automatically adjusts the head size and position so that it fits the sizing guide properly.
Gallery Adjust color, brightness, contrast, and more to ensure the highest quality photo.

DNP's Photo ID Printer
    • High quality
    • Fast
    • 350 sheet capacity
    • Comes with 3-year Advanced Exchange (AE) Warranty
Digital Camera
    • IDW-SH30 high quality Sony camera
    • Flash centered over the lens
    • Wireless
    • Overlay guide for LCD
    • One-year manufacturer's warranty
System Console
    • Wireless; LCD screen
    • Embedded biometrics
    • Image viewing and editing
    • Reprint feature
    • Supports dozens of country IDs
    • Digital file delivery
    • One-year manufacturer's warranty
ID Photo Media
    • 350 sheets/roll
    • Bright white
    • High quality color
    • "ID Photo Paper" back print 
FlashAir Card
    • Toshiba SD card with 8GB of memory
    • One-year manufacturer's warranty

ACPASDC ( 28465 )

Table Top 2X2 DIE CUTTER

Price: $149.95
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DNP IDW500 Passport System Media


DNP IDW500 4x6 Paper and Ribbon. 1 Kit Per Box, 350 Prints

Price: $171.50
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Printer Specifications:
Printing Method Dye sublimation thermal transfer printing (yellow, magenta, cyan, laminate)
Print Capacity 350
Paper Feed Method Roll fed
Ink Supply Method Ink ribbon cartridge

USB port (device)

Hi-Speed USB (USB2.0 compatible)


110 - 240v, 50 or 60Hz Input; 12v 2.4A output, 4 foot


(WHD) 12.6” x 11“ x 13.8” (32 x 28 x 35cm)

Unit Weight

(console and printer) 48 lbs.

Consol Specifications:

Screen Size 7” Diagonal Visible / 1280x800
Touchscreen 5-point capacitive multi-touch
Radio Frequency Wireless LAN 2.4 Ghz: 802.11 b/g/n / 4.5” 2 dBi gain


(WHD) 7” x 2” x 5.3” (7“x 8”x 5.3“ with antenna)
18 x 5 x 13.5cm (18 x 20 x 13.5cm with antenna)

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