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DNP DS620A New Firmware and Driver Release

DNP has announced the release of new firmware and drivers for the DS620A printer Firmware 1.52

  • Addition of fine matte to printer functionality
  • Improvement to matte finish printing speed
  • Windows 10 Bug Fix - printer info and printer preferences freezing
  • Support for fine matte printing
  • Improved indicators for supported and unsupported print sizes per loaded media
    • Print sizes that are unavailable based on the loaded media size will be greyed out
    • Print sizes that will have white borders (i.e., 5x7" on 6x8" media) will be marked with the warning exclamation triangle
To realize the new functionality of fine matte and the matte printing speed improvement, both the firmware and drivers updates are necessary. NOTE: When updating your printer driver, make sure to uninstall the previous driver before installing the new driver.  

Understanding Apple’s New HEIF/HEVC Photo Standard

Introduction In its June 2017 developer conference, Apple announce d the transition from JPEG for p hoto storage as of iOS 11. This change is the def ault setting for the iPhone 7/7 Plus /8/8Plus and on the iPhone X . The new photo and video formats— HEIF/HEVC—are new international standards that provide photo storage in a software “container” (where photos are stored together with their live image movies and animation). This format saves up to 40% of the storage space of today’s photo compression. It allows consumers to store more photos on their devices and in their cloud storage, also reducing the transmission time for sharing and storing these photos.   Will Apple’s new photo storage format affect SnapLab SL620A users ? The vast majority of the time you will not see any effect from Apple’s change. For apps running on iOS 11 that share photos with non-Apple devices, the photos are automatically converted to JPEG before sending. Similarly, when iOS 11 receives a request for a photo to be copied to non-Apple devices (a Windows PC, for example), the files are automatically converted to JPEG by iOS 11 before being copied. This transcoding is quickly done by special hardware in the processor on the iPhone. However, within a few months, tens of millions of iPhone users will be using iOS 11 and it is possible for an iOS user to change settings on his/her device that would cause it to copy an HEIF/HEVC file instead of JPEG. Sooner or later, you might have a customer who runs into a HEIF/HEVC image. Since Windows does not have a native decoder for this file type, it would result in an error. If customers change this photo setting, then they must change the settings on their iPhone back to the default of automatically sending files in a “compatible” format.  

This information was known to be correct as of September 8, 2017, using iOS11Beta 9. Of course, Apple
may continue to change iOS 11 through launch and subsequent update releases. If this information no
longer appears to be correct, please contact DNP Technical Support.

Software Update v3.1 for DNP DS-TMINI SnapLab

System Improvements

  • Event photo mode
  • Hot Folder Print mode
  • Photo collage functions
  • Calendar workflow improved
  • QR code printed on receipt
  • Partial matte (overcoat graphic)
  • Order release by bar code
  • Automatic system shutdown
  • Color output adjustment for each printer
  • Auto-update printer firmware for DS620A and DS820A
Key Features The Event Mode of operation adds a streamlined process to quickly print the selected images compared to the regular kiosk mode of operation. Note: See the newly added Hot Folder Print function of the v3.1 for even quicker printing. Several defaults can be preset for optimal results. The Hot Folder Print function allows instant print of images as they are dropped (copied) into an actively monitored 'hot' folder. Once in the hot folder, the images are autosized, and the printing process begins immediately. Note: This built-in functionality of SnapLab v3.1, it is not the same as the stanndalone DNP Hot Folder Print app. The Photo Collage workflow allows the user to select two to eight images combined onto one page for printout. The user may also add a selected background theme, or use an image as a background in addition to the plain background. These feature supports standard simplex print sizes. Panorama is currently not supported. The Calendar workflow is improved and more intuitive; select the output size, select the images, rearrange the images with the added ability to select a photo as background, and the ability to choose among multiple types of styles for the calendar date panels. Partial matte is a new feature of the DS620A and DS820A printers. It is the ability to embed a graphic image, for example, a brand name or logo in the lamination clear coat of the printed image. Both horizontal and vertical are supported. QR Code printing on the bottom of the receipt allows automatic reading of order details. Order Release by Barcode is a new way to release the order. NOTE: Requires an additional USB bar code reader device and a receipt printer. Automatic System Shutdown can be scheduled every day. Printer Output Color Adjustment provides setup of color profile and color adjustments for each printer and for each paper finish. Settings supported: brightness, contrast, saturation, red, green, blue, gamma, and sharpen. Printer Auto-Update is a feature that will automatically detect the attached printer at startup as usual, and it will auto-update the firmware of the DS620A and DS820A if the printer is at a lower version. Among the functionality and reliability updates to the firmware for the printer, the update will add or improve the panorama printing function, add partial matte functionality, and improve the matte finish for better print quality.   More information on the DNP SnapLab

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