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Software Update V1.5.3 for the DNP SnapLab SL620A is Now Available

The newest software version of SnapLab+ SL620A / DS-Tmini is now available for use -- Version 1.5.3. The key features of this incremental maintenance release includes improvement to the photo calendars, more social networks available, plus improved color output for each connected DS printer. Photo Calendars Improved New templates for photo calendar Calendar collage New workflow for calendar simplex (single-sided) product creation Updated screen saver / attract loop More Social Networks Available Now there's more social networks for users to retrieve and print photos (internet access required): Facebook, Google Photos, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. Note: Social media feature default off, can be set on by the System Operator. Under-the-Hood Improvements for Improved Usability and Operational Reliability Faster loading from folders for Android phones OS v5 and v6 Better handling of cable connections to some Android phones which connect as USB memory Better sorting of images from iPhone when loading via cable Bug fix for border and calendars Operator Setup Feature New color adjustments controls added to tune the color output of each connected DS photo printer(s) Tech Tip Operators can install this update using the Self-Update function of the SnapLab Admin System and update via the network. Refer to the User Manual.  wired internet connection required. Access the Maintenance Mode and use the update button.

Tethering Input Options for Kodak Picture Kiosks

Why Tether Tethering devices to the Kodak Picture Kiosk is becoming the new favorite way for Consumers to print from their smart phone. Improved Kodak Picture Kiosk workflows in software version KPK+ v5.1 provides helpful hints and automatic detection to make it easier for Consumers to connect and print. Reasons for Consumers beginning to use tethers over loading special applications vary and include:

  • Familiarity with using USB Cables.
  • Can’t get reception to App load in store
  • Reluctance to load another App
  • Reluctance to use up mobile data
  Recommended Cables Tethering options are available from a wide range of providers. However not all tethers provide the ability to transfer images.Through extensive work with different cable products Kodak Alaris has verified some options. Kodak Alaris currently recommends the following tethers/cables: StilGut Magic Trio Lightning - 3 in 1 cable requires 1 USB port for connection of the 3 most common connections for smart devices Hama Cables are individual cables each requiring a separate USB port for connection. Each of the 3 most common connections for smart devices are sold separately. Note that Hama nor StilGut have any connection or agreement with Kodak Alaris. Recommendations are based on lab results of success only. Cables other than StilGut and Hama may also work with the Kodak Picture Kiosk but should be tested first in store for functionality.   Hama cables (left) require three separate USB cables and connections to the KPK. The StilGut cable (right) is a three headed cable with one connection required for KPK.   INSTALLATION RECOMMENDATIONS Installation recommendations are for the USB connector end to be inserted in the back of the KPK with the cable(s) brought to the front of the kiosk so that the smart phone connectors are presented to the Consumer. Securing the tether cable(s) involves utilizing wire tie(s) and securing the tether cable(s) to the video cable or nearest available permanent device cable located in the back of the KPK. For added security it is recommended that the cable(s) be routed to the front under the kiosk but it is the Retailers’ option to place the cable to best suit their Consumers’ experience.  

Mitsubishi Introduces The SelFone Wireless Print Station for the D90 Printer


The SelFone Wireless Print Station™ gives you an easy way to offer wireless printing at various events or venues where guests or participants may want to print photos from their smart phones or tablets. It enables you to offer more and expand your photography services. By adding an onsite WiFi printing station to your package as an upsell, you boost your bottom line with extra revenue while giving your customers lots of fun! It also opens up new market where such a print station can be used as marketing and/or branding in the restaurant and hospitality businesses, as well as retail service markets. The SelFone Wireless Print Station™ easily attaches to the CPD90DW Photo Printer and features a robust application that makes any professional job easy to manage.   Features Include:
  • Configure Print Sizes, Modes and Format
  • Easily Import (Enable/Disable) Frames and Borders
  • Select Print Type Offered from: Easy Print single 4x6 photo, 2x6 3-photo strip, or 3.5x6 fun print
  • Ability to change/rename WiFi ID makes it easier for guest users to recognize and remember the hotspot for printing
  • Ability to set passcodes lets photographers control and restrict the use of the print services
  • Manage and Customize Hot Folders
  • Check Printer Media Status
  • Monitor and Retrieve Print Statistics
  • Ability to Clear all Print Orders
  More information on the Mitsubishi SelFone wireless Print Station

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